Fortnite: Battle Royale’s new Sneaky Silencers mode is now live


Fortnite: Battle Royale’s newest limited-time mode is now live in-game, as “Sneaky Silencers” will make its first-ever appearance.

The mode will be quite different from the last two limited-time events. The first, 50 vs. 50, saw two teams of 50 players facing off in epic battles that usually ended in massive forts being built. The latest, High Explosives, ended just a few days ago and featured nothing but rockets and grenades.

Sneaky Silencers sounds like it will reward a different kind of playstyle entirely. The only weapons available will be the Silenced SMG and the brand new Silenced Pistols, which are actually quite strong.

Not only that, but the drop rate of bushes will be “greatly increased,” so it’s entirely possible that the meta will revolve around hiding in bushes or shooting bushes to try to root out camping enemies. Traps are disabled as well.

Those who want to try out the new mode will have to do so fast, as it is indeed a short-lived event, for now. But Epic Games has shown that it is willing to bring back the limited-time events, as it did in December with 50 vs. 50.

Sneaky Silencers will only last until Jan. 8, so squad up and get ready to bush it out for the weekend.