Leak reveals Fortnite’s upcoming Chinese New Year skins and cosmetics

Will you be a kung fu master, or a speed racer?

Epic Games has it has a big Chinese New Year event planned for Fortnite, and according to recent leaks and data mines, it’s coming quite soon. Chinese New Year falls on this coming Saturday, Jan. 25 this year.

Per a report from Dexerto, several new skins and cosmetics will be introduced to the game soon. Data miner ShiinaBR found the information after data mining the recent v11.40 update, which dropped earlier this month.

Though these aren’t confirmed by Epic, they look like they’ll bring a neat Chinese New Year wrinkle to the world of Fortnite. And it’s fair to say that all of them will make you feel like you popped right out of an anime. (Or perhaps Kill Bill Vol. 2, if you’re going with Shifu.)

Here’s a look at the revealed characters:


Screengrab via ShiinaBR Twitter

Between this character’s sweet looking costume and jade-colored weaponry, Tigress should be an easy favorite for some Fortnite players.


Killer Instinct Xbox One
Screengrab via ShiinaBR Twitter

Likewise, Swift’s skin makes you look like you’re coming straight out of a samurai film. There doesn’t appear to be a weapon just yet, but we’ll likely see one once the skin is officially in the item shop.


Screengrab via ShiinaBR Twitter

Want to go with the old-school sort of fighter look? Gan’s costume looks like a must. Not to mention there appears to be an alternate version right out of Shaolin Soccer.

Jade Racer

F1 2013
Screengrab via ShiinaBR Twitter

Forget Speed Racer, we want to see what kind of car Jade Racer is driving. On top of that, her items have racing numbers, which is too cool.

Smoke Dragon

Screengrab via ShiinaBR Twitter

Talk about a warrior that’s come ready to play. Along with a slew of weapons, this character also has two alternate costumes available.


Screengrab via ShiinaBR Twitter

We’re just going to call this guy “the master.” Just look at him.

Again, Epic Games has not confirmed the event just yet. But with its rumored start date of Jan. 25, it shouldn’t be long before we start to see details surface.