This Fortnite fan’s idea for a rotating storm circle is brilliant


One of the more frustrating situations in Fortnite: Battle Royale is when you’re fighting at the edge of the storm circle, kill an enemy, but can’t loot them due to the storm.

This pitch for a special event by a Fortnite fan by the name of chiozzy on Reddit is a great idea for a number of reasons. This idea turns the storm circle into a rotating figure eight. Check it out below.

Image via u/chiozzy

With this kind of circle, players will always be on the move and have to continuously rotate in fun and interesting ways. Plus, when the storm rotates, you might be able to push back out and retrieve all that sweet loot.

This seems like a great idea on paper, but it might be difficult for Epic Games to implement. Regardless, it would be a welcome addition to something like a limited time mode in the future to shake off the monotony of the same old circle pushes all the time.

Other great recent Fortnite community ideas include a number of skin concepts, different colors to differentiate between friendly and enemy traps, and more. Hopefully Epic is keeping an eye on places like Reddit for great ideas like this one.