This new Fortnite: Battle Royale strategy looks like it could replace the “double pump”


Some Fortnite: Battle Royale fans who were bummed to hear about the nerf of the “double pump” strategy in last week’s update will be excited to know that there’s a new technique in town that might be even better.

With the 3.0 update on Thursday, Epic Games added a new weapon to the game–the hand cannon. This beast of a weapon is capable of insane damage at a long range. And now, it can be used in the same way that the double pump was.

This clip by Twitch streamer dakotaz shows the new weapon in action. This is effectively the same technique that the double pump was, except the hand cannon does more damage and has a ton more range.

To use it, players must first have two hand cannons. Those will be difficult to come by, considering they are of Legendary and Epic rarities, while the pump shotguns which are Common and Uncommon.

Once two hand cannons are acquired, you can fire them and switch back and forth between them between shots to negate the weapon’s slow fire rate. It’s a nasty combination, and highly skilled players will undoubtedly be scouring the field for multiple hand cannons to pull it off.

It seems like this strategy is legit, too, as “double pump” negated having to pump the weapon to use it, but there’s no such need with the hand cannon. Just don’t be surprised to run into this new strategy if someone’s lucky enough to find two of these monstrous weapons.