5 new Fortnite emotes have been datamined


A group of new emotes have been found within Fortnite: Battle Royale’s latest update, and one of them is a callback to a classic sitcom.

Community site Storm Shield One found the new emotes inside the game’s code once the latest patch dropped. The first, Chicken, is undoubtedly inspired by Gob Bluth’s chicken dance from Arrested Development.

Another emote is called Boneless and it looks like it will be homage to this old meme video of a man dancing like he has no bones. We can’t wait to pop this one off after earning a Victory Royale.

There’s also two basic Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down emotes, for when you’re deciding whether or not to execute a downed enemy. And there’s one final emote, an Epic one, called Freestylin’.

For many players a good emote is just as good if not better than a new skin. And that applies now more than ever, as the emote wheel in-game allows you to access every emote you own. It’s almost like there’s a dance for every occasion.

There’s no telling when these emotes will be added to the in-game store. But they are already in the game’s files, so they could be added to the store at any point.

H/T Fortnite Insider