Fortnite: Battle Royale is getting an in-depth record and replay system


Content creators everywhere will be excited to know that Fortnite: Battle Royale is getting a record and replay feature, Epic Games announced today.

The announcement was made during the “State of Unreal” keynote speech at the 2018 Game Developer Conference with the help of YouTuber and Fortnite player Ali-A.

Fortnite players will be able to record and capture footage, edit it with an Unreal toolset with multiple camera angles and features, and then share it directly with YouTube and other social media platforms.

The features of the replay function include are extensive, including auto exposure, aperture size, focal length, auto focus, and more. Players can go into the replay mode and basically make Machinima clips out of their matches or just record any awesome moments that happen.

Alternatively, players can go back and watch their matches to see where something went wrong, how they got killed, and what they could do differently if faced with a similar situation in the future. There are a ton of possibilities for this feature’s usage.

At the end of the presentation, Epic and Ali-A showed off a Machinima short clip that demonstrated exactly what can be made with the new feature, and it looked pretty damn cool.

This new live record and replay feature will launch “soon” as part of the 4.20 Unreal Engine update. Fortnite is the first game to get this feature via Unreal, but any studio that uses the Unreal Engine will be able to integrate the record and replay feature into its own games down the line.