Fortnite’s new Heavy Shotgun is now live in-game


Another tool of the trade has been added to Fortnite: Battle Royale today as the Heavy Shotgun has made its debut in-game.

This new shotgun is all about range. It’s best at medium range, but it does decent damage from a pretty crazy distance, as can be seen in this clip below featuring Twitch streamer DrLupo.

According to Storm Shield One, the Epic variant of the Heavy Shotgun does 73.5 damage and the Legendary variant does 77. It has a magazine size of seven and the Legendary version has a reload time of 5.62 seconds, which is slightly faster than the Epic version of the Tactical Shotgun.

The gun definitely rewards accuracy, though, as its fire rate is slightly faster than the Pump Shotgun but slightly slower than the Tactical Shotgun. You can’t really hop around and spray with it like you can with the Tactical, but it does feel less cumbersome than the Pump.

In general, it feels like a middleground between the Pump and the Tactical, and it’s just another option at the disposal of Fortnite players everywhere. Eventually, players will learn which shotgun they like the best and keep using it to rack up Victory Royales daily.