Jetpacks are now available in Fortnite


After nearly three months of delays, jetpacks are now available to use in Fortnite: Battle Royale.

The limited time item was added this morning as part of the game’s 4.2 content update, which also added the Solid Gold v2 Limited Time Mode. Jetpacks are a legendary item only found in treasure chests. That’s unusual, as legendary items are usually also available in supply drops.

According to the patch notes, this is the first item of a new type—Backpacks. Backpacks take up an inventory slot while equipped, though they can be moved around to not mess up your loadout and hotkeys. Once the Backpack is fully consumed, it’s destroyed. If you pick up another one, it will be swapped with the one that’s equipped.

For the Jetpack specifically, it has a cooldown that recharges when not in use. You can’t enter targeting mode while using it, so don’t expect to land any elevated sniper shots.

Jetpacks were originally announced to come to Fortnite back in February. It was later announced on Feb. 27 that there was an issue with them and they would be delayed. Today is the first time they have been available in-game.

Information recently datamined from the game’s latest update revealed that jetpacks would be coming some time before week five of season four, and that time is now. A second Limited Time Mode, Close Quarters, has also been added in this update. That mode takes away all guns except Shotguns.

Since it is a limited time item, players should enjoy the jetpacks while they can before they’re gone. Epic Games hasn’t given any details on when they will disappear.