Fortnite’s new speed-oriented limited time mode, Blitz, is now live


Another new limited time mode has hit Fortnite today, and it’s all about speeding up the process of games to make them more action-packed and finish up faster.

The new mode is called Blitz and the maximum match length is fifteen minutes. That’s right, you can land and win in the time it takes to warm up a couple microwave dinners.

Matches in Blitz will begin with the storm circle already closing over the island, which means that you need to land and loot with haste or else you will be tickled by the blue wall of pain in a big way.

Adjustments have been made to loot availability as well. Treasure chest spawn rates have been increased from 50 to 70 percent to 80 to 90 percent. Ammo boxes have been increased from 65 to 80 percent and 85 to 95 percent, and floor loot will spawn nearly 100 percent of the time.

Supply Drop spawn intervals have been lessened, too, meaning that they will be landing way more often. The interval is now 80 seconds, down from 180 seconds, and they will land twice as fast too. Launchpad spawn likelihood has also been greatly increased.

This limited time mode is quite different from the others as it features changes that could eventually be implemented in the main game if players like the faster rate of play.

If you find the early looting phase of the game slow and boring, this is the game mode for you. So get out there and practice your quick drops.