This mobile ripoff of Fortnite called “FortCraft” is so blatant it’s hilarious


Look out, Fortnite: Battle Royale. A new challenger has entered the arena in the realm of mobile battle royale games, and it’s looking to take just about everything you know and love. Actually, it kind of already has.

FortCraft is a battle royale game where you can build. You have a hammer to harvest materials, can pick up weapons off the ground, and fight other players after dropping out of a flying taxi onto an island. There are chests to loot, and some of the guns look pretty familiar too.

This video by YouTuber Resbakk Gaming shows off FortCraft in all its glory, including a tutorial and gameplay of an actual match. Watch for yourself and enjoy.

This blatant attempt to capitalize on Fortnite’s success is made by NetEase Games, the developers of another fellow popular mobile battle royale game called Rules of Survival. While that one seems to be loosely inspired by PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, this one is less subtle in its approach.

Thankfully, another option for playing battle royale on mobile is here, as sign-ups for the actual Fortnite on iOS are now available. If FortCraft is more your speed, you can sign up for that, too.