Fortnite season 4 confirmed with Twitter teaser

In an announcement that should surprise no one, Epic Games has confirmed that season four of Fortnite: Battle Royale is “coming soon.”

The announcement came via an image on Twitter, teasing what could be a possible theme for the upcoming new season. Season four will most likely include another Battle Pass with a bunch of new skins and customizations to unlock.

A few things can be extrapolated from the image, however. The shape of the orange section looks to be a lot like the trail of a meteor or a comet making impact with something.

As it has been heavily documented over the past month or so, the game’s community believes that a comet will strike the map, and Epic has begun teasing something to the same effect, too.

The character on the right side of the image, meanwhile, looks to be a man wearing a mask with white eyes. A mask and white eyes can only mean one thing to those well-versed in nerd culture—superheroes!

Maybe the season four theme, like season three’s theme of space and astronauts, will be about superheroes. The potential for cool superhero outfits is pretty limitless, so it will be very interesting to see the direction that Epic takes.

There’s not much longer to wait now—season three ends on Monday, April 30. Season four should begin not long after, so stay tuned for more news about what’s to come.