Fortnite Season 8 Begins With Volcano, Pirate Cannon


Fortnite has finally kicked off the Season 8 as of today, February 28. There’s a new battle pass out there and you can watch it in action in the overview trailer below.

The game is implementing two main features: a pirate cannon and new locations, such as a Volcano which has just emerged.

Pirate Cannon

Damage enemy locations or structures by launching a cannonball or become a special delivery by launching yourself!

As for how the pirate cannon works, here’s a quick rundown of the features:

  • Push the Cannon into position, take aim, and fire! Alternatively, climb into the barrel and launch yourself!
  • The cannon will fire cannonballs or players a great distance. Cannonballs and players can plow through a number of objects before stopping with a bang, causing damage and knockback to nearby players.
  • Deals 100 Damage to enemies on a direct hit and 50 Damage to enemies within a small radius.
  • Found throughout the environment.

New Locations

Explore new points of interest that emerged with the Volcano, such as Sunny Steps and Lazy Lagoon.

There’s a new limited time mode for 50v50, with two teams battling for victory, and a very long changelog you can check right here.