Fortnite hit with extended server downtime


Players hoping to get in some victory royales early Thursday morning were disappointed to find out that Fortnite: Battle Royale’s server downtime was extended multiple times.

The game is still currently offline while Epic Games works behind the scenes to fix an error that occurred while updating the game with today’s new patch, which includes the Chug Jug healing item.

“During our downtime to upgrade to 2.3, we were performing recommended tasks to resolve a lingering database issue,” Epic said in a statement that was posted shortly after 10am CT. “Those tasks ended up causing the database to go into a bad state. After significant consideration, we decided out best option was to restore from a backup at the moment we took the servers down after the patch. Our first restore failed (due to issues unrelated with the quality of the backup) and we’re working on a second attempt at the restore. Our top people are on it and it will be up as soon as humanly possible.”

It’s now been over seven hours since the servers first went down. The servers always go down for a short maintenance window whenever an update is applied, but this is a different situation entirely.

It’s unclear how much longer the servers will be down, but an update at 9:10am CT said to expect them to remain so for “at least a few more hours.”