Players are reporting sound and lag issues with Fortnite’s 2.5.0 update


As players flocked back into Fortnite to test out the latest update, many have reported serious gameplay issues after the latest patch.

Players who jumped in after the 2.5.0 update have reported audio and visual lag issues, making the game almost unplayable.

Lag spikes when players are downed is one of the most common complaints, as is audio delay and lag leading to incredibly loud sounds when the lag passes. The official Discord, the FortniteBR subreddit, and the game’s Twitter mentions have become filled with angry players.

So far Epic Games has not made any kind of formal comment on the issues, but has responded to a few of the complaints saying that the reports are being investigated.

Although it wasn’t detailed the patch notes, the game has also received some significant visual tweaks too. Gun colors and models have been changed, and the colors in particular have also provoked complaints.

Whenever the gameplay changes, it’s always going to provoke a strong response. Hopefully Epic will move fast to correct the bugs, and players can focus on racking up kills once again.