Fortnite’s Split Screen Has Been Tragically Disabled (For Now)


In an unfortunate turn of events, split-screen function in Fortnite has been temporarily disabled due to an “issue.” The decision probably comes at an upsetting time for players who prefer to play together on the same couch.

The split-screen was introduced to Fortnite in the latest patch, version 11.30. It only worked on the Duos and Squads modes, and only on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The patch notes for 11.30 went out on Dec. 12; on the same day, the Fortnite Status Twitter account revealed that they have disabled the split screen feature in the game. The statement doesn’t specify a reason, other than there are “issues” with the feature. It promises they’ll update players when the feature has been re-enabled, but it has been over a day, and there’s still no word when it will return.

Ever since patch 11.30 went live, the game has been suffering from a few technical problems. The Siphon mechanic, where players gain health points after eliminating an enemy, was being inconsistent. Some players have also been having issues with the Class Designer device settings being reset to default after the update went live.

Most of these issues have been resolved at this point, including the inconsistent Siphon. Usually, when a significant update goes live, there are bound to be an issues in a game, and Fortnite is no exception.