Fortnite’s weekly challenges and new update pushed back to Thursday


Fortnite players who stayed awake for a new set of weekly challenges early this morning were disappointed to find a countdown timer that never ended.

Epic Games has taken to Twitter to explain that it wasn’t a bug or a glitch at all. The change was intended as a way to push back Weekly Challenges to Thursdays, two days from the usual Tuesdays that it has been updating in season four.

Before season four, challenges had been resetting on Thursdays, so it looks like this is a return to that formula by Epic. The developer had also been adding new content and updating the game on Tuesdays this season as well, so it looks like Thursday will be the day for that, too.

Thursday will now mark the beginning of week five of season four, meaning we are now at the halfway point of the heroes-vs-villains themed event. The challenges for week five leaked a few days ago, and they entail tasks like using a jetpack, dealing damage with SMGs, and searching chests in Dusty Divot.

A new update should also deploy on Thursday, bringing shopping carts as drivable vehicles, among other bug fixes and quality of life updates, like the return of the ability to refund items for V-Bucks.

So, overall, not much is changing once this two-day delay is over. The challenges and game updates will now come early on Thursday mornings as opposed to Tuesdays. Sit tight, Fortnite fans, the wait will be over soon.