Fortnite’s 5.3 update is now live, adds Rift-to-Go item and shotgun changes


The latest game update has gone live for Fortnite: Battle Royale, and it’s chock full of new stuff to get excited about with just a few weeks go to in season five.

The first and coolest addition to the game is the new Rift-go-Go item. It’s exactly what it sounds like—a consumable Rift that you carry in your inventory, most likely added into the game as a way to keep Rifts alive considering how popular they’ve become in season five. With the end of the season, the Rifts placed throughout the map will probably disappear, but the item makes them stick around in another way.

When activating the Rift-to-Go, you will be teleported into the sky and begin skydiving, just like when you use a normal Rift. The Rift will remain at the same location you used it for 10 seconds, allowing teammates (and potentially enemies) to use it after you. It’s of Epic rarity, drops in stacks of one, and has a max stack size of two. 

Shotguns are on the table for some changes again this week, as Epic Games continues to try to find a balance in the meta. The equip time for the pump shotgun has been shortened from 0.96 seconds to 0.88 seconds, meaning you’ll be able to shoot it a bit quicker after switching to it. The new double barrel shotgun has had its spread reduced 15 percent while crouching, too.

In a small but important change, Clingers will now only explode after their fuse has expired, and no longer when the object they’re attached to has been destroyed. This will end a previously effective method of sticking a wall and then shooting it to explode an enemy behind it.

This week’s patch also sees the inclusion of another new limited time mode called Score Royale. In this mode, you gain points for doing all sorts of things, and the winner is whoever accumulates the most throughout the game. Points are given for winning the game, eliminating an enemy opening a supply drop, chest, ammo box, or llama, eating a mushroom or an apple, and finding bronze, silver, and gold coins randomly placed throughout the map.