Forza Horizon 3 To Get Patch for Native 4K Support On Xbox One X


Forza Horizon 3, an open world racing game that was released last in September is going not get a native 4K and enhanced patch on Xbox One X. The info is tweeted by Aaron Greenberg (Head of Xbox Games Marketing). According to the tweet, there will be a Forza Horizon 3 Native 4K & Enhanced Patch for Xbox One releasing on January 15.

Forza Horizon 3

The game will definitely benefit from the patch, the graphics enhancements will let players enjoy immersive gaming experience on powerful next-gen gaming console Xbox One X. Microsoft has released the console last year on November 7, and yet a few games have been updated to offer a native 4K resolution. You can read the tweet below.

Forza Horizon 3 was second best-selling game on Xbox One, and certainly, Xbox One X players would be looking forward to enjoying the game on ultra-high graphics. has already shared a list of Xbox One X Enhanced games that are capable of offering high details, better performance, steady frame-rates, etc. Not all games will be native 4K Ultra HD or HDR, but developers are porting them into Xbox One X Enhanced for better output.

PUBG is a second game who is getting the latest patch for Xbox One X that will add a lot of improvements in future. Such patch and update will be out for many released game which will be available on Xbox One X in coming time. Through the patches and updates, developers will address known bugs of games for One X console.