Forza Horizon 4 is the Latest Game to Try Battle Royale Mode


From Fortnite to Call of Duty, several popular game series have provided their take on the battle royale theme. Now, it’s Forza Horizon 4‘s turn.

Microsoft’s hit racing game is about to get its own take on “winner winner, chicken dinner” with a new mode called The Eliminator. A new trailer shows what players are in for.

Here’s the lowdown: 72 players will race Forza 4’s map, starting out with a classic 1965 Mini Cooper. However, as they progress, they can upgrade their vehicle either by scoring them from random airdrops or beating opponents in head-to-head races.

Races can begin as players close in on rivals, and whoever wins the impromptu race not only stays “alive,” but also has the option to take the loser’s car (if it ranks higher than theirs).

However, like with other battle royale modes, the map shrinks as the round goes on, making the racing area smaller. It eventually gets to a small circle, and then begins a final race for those who remain. Whoever wins that race will be crowned the Eliminator, while everyone else is out.

Drivers will be able to play the mode starting Dec. 12. It’s free for all players across Xbox One, PC, and Xbox Game Pass.