Forza Motorsport 8, Turn 10 Is “Transitioning Its Weight” To The Next-Gen Project


During the latest Forza Monthly, Turn 10 Studios has revealed that the development team has started “transitioning its weight” to Forza Motorsport 8.

The game is most likely going to be ready for next-gen Xbox Scarlett’s launch, skipping 2019, even though the studio is hinting at a bit longer wait for it.

“The weight of the team is shifting over to our next project. So we’re getting into that concept phase,” said creative director Dan Greenawalt.

“The team is transitioning its weight. We’re moving our weight over to this new project we’re working on and we’re doing it in a new way.”

Greenawalt has indeed added that the team is going all in with feedback and sharing the process with its fans from the very beginning of the work.

“In the past, that concept phase would be kind of subterranean. We’d kind of do it with ourselves, we’d work with our dev partners, and we’d bounce our concepts off ourselves.

But we’re going to be doing it differently this time. We want to do it in public. We want to do it with our fans. Does that mean early rollouts? I don’t know.”

This means that fans can submit their feedback on a Discord server which is being run by the guys at Turn 10 Studios.

Hopefully, this means we’ll get to see the game evolve as soon as supporters share their opinion and the studio reacts to them.