Nintendo is luring players to log into Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp with free Leaf Tickets


Nintendo has been loose with its gifts for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp players over the past week.

A New Year’s hat and noodles were offered earlier in the week—a celebration of the New Year and Pocket Camp’s new themed event—but logging into Pocket Camp will also earn you 20 free Leaf Tickets, too. The Leaf Tickets are also a New Year’s gift, with Nintendo stuffing some cash right into your digital pocket.

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“Happy New Year,” Nintendo wrote in the Pocket Camp notice. “And no matter what your plans are for the new year, we’d like to help you kick it off in style with a small gift.”

Twenty Leaf Tickets have been automatically sent to player mailboxes. It’s not a ton, but it could be enough to lure back players who’ve since lost interest. Leaf Tickets can be used for a variety of different things in Pocket Camp, but most importantly, they speed up the game. Players can trade in Leaf Tickets to buy items that speed up the game’s process, like fertilizer to make fruits grow faster.

Players can earn Leaf Tickets from stretch and timed goals, or buy them using real money.

Pocket Camp’s New Year’s event is ongoing until Jan. 11. The game’s events are likely a draw for Pocket Camp players who’ve felt burnt out from the game. Though many where thrilled to get an Animal Crossing mobile game, a lot of players quickly grew tired of the game’s monotonous gameplay loop. The tasks often feel like chores that lack the charm of the original Animal Crossing games.

But free items and new content are always a big draw for wavering players to come back, and we expect Nintendo to keep doling out events and gifts to keep players interested.