Free Steam Games For This Weekend

Are you looking to try out some new games this weekend? You can find two available for free this weekend, and they’re both two different Sci-fi games for those with varying tastes.

The first is Space Engineers. Imagine you took Minecraft, gave it a higher degree of graphics, and then set it entirely in space. Now you created Space Engineers, but there’s so much to do in the game. You have the chance to gather resources to craft a space ship, a space station, or to craft a new base of operations in the heart of an asteroid. There’s a survival element to this game if you turn this mode on, but otherwise, you can have a relaxation space-adventure game with friends as you craft unique objects as engineers in astronaut outfits.

The second game is Offworld Trading Company, which is a real-time strategy game where players must use their economic perspective to conquer their enemy. A player must review a situation, figure out what is best for their empire, and act according to win the day. There’s no looking back or second-guessing when they make a choice. The end goal is for players to acquire a majority stake in the game’s off-world trading company.

You can play these games for the entire weekend, and they’re also offered a discount over the weekend. You can pick up Space Engineers for $15.99 on the Steam store, and Offworld Trading Company’s core game for $6.00.