Free, unreleased Golden Axe game leads Sega’s 60th anniversary celebrations

Travel at Sonic speeds to grab some celebratory goodies.

Free, unreleased Golden Axe game leads Sega's 60th anniversary celebrations

Image via Sega

Sega West has announced plans for its 60th anniversary celebrations, and fans across the globe are invited to take part in the festivities. Starting October 14, the week-long extravaganza will provide players with the opportunity to download four, free-to-own retro-inspired mini-games — including a never-before-seen canceled Golden Axe project.

The quartet of titles, which have been developed specifically for the company’s landmark birthday, will be available to download and keep across the coming weekend. The four titles to be released are:

  • Armor of Heroes — A multiplayer tank title from Relic Entertainment, which will be available October 15
  • Endless Zone — The Endless and Fantasy Zone worlds collide in Amplitude Studios’ mash-up, which players can download October 16
  • Streets of Kamurocho — A Yakuza x Streets of Rage crossover developed by Sega, which is available October 17
  • Golden Axed — A build of a canceled Golden Axe project that was in production at Sega. It will only be available for 24 hours starting October 18

Players can claim their free games by heading to the Sega 60th Steam page and clicking Play Game. Doing so adds the titles to players’ libraries forever, as long as they play them before the October 19 end date.

Fans can also enjoy discounts on numerous Sega products via the Steam store page, and those who link their Steam accounts to the official Sega 60th website can also pick up a free copy of the Sega Saturn game Nights into Dreams.

Sega’s official social media channels, as well as its anniversary website, will be hosting 60 days worth of celebratory content. Competitions, interviews with legendary Sega employees, and nostalgic throwbacks from the company’s illustrious history are just three of the things on offer. Sega’s celebrations will end December 13, so fans are advised to get their anniversary fill while they can.