Frictional Games announces Amnesia: Rebirth, so prepare to be scared

The king of horror is back.

Amnesia Rebirth

Frictional Games, developer of the superb Amnesia series, has announced that it will once again be plumming the depths of horror with Amnesia: Rebirth. This iteration will be set in the Algerian desert, following a protagonist called Tasi Trianon.

On top of the project’s name, a smattering of details, and a logo, Frictional Games also released a spooky trailer that is high in tension. Everything you would expect from the Amnesia series is on display, with weird happenings, disjointed scene, strange-looking structures where technology meets eldritch magic, and of course, a freaky looking monster. 

Frictional Games make superb horror games, as both the Amnesia series and Soma fans know, and it very much looks like they are going to sit in that comfortable groove with this latest entry to the series. In a blog post on the PlayStation website, Frictional Games creative director Thomas Grip advises players to expect the unexpected. “We’re not simply going for a carnival attraction of jumpscares,” he says, “Amnesia: Rebirth is an emotionally harrowing journey—something different, something less predictable.”

If you are wondering how deep the design philosophy goes, it seems that Frictional will be trying to make you experience terror on a whole new level with Amnesia: Rebirth. “We want to take you beyond horror and out the other side—and see whether you’ll stand the weight of what we put you through,” Grip said.

With a new setting, a new protagonist, and the legacy of the series to live up to, this should be a highlight of the year for all horror fans.

Amnesia: Rebirth is due to release in autumn this year for both PC and PlayStation 4.