Fueled Up is basically Overcooked in space, and it’s releasing this year

In space no one can hear you cook.

Image via Fireline Games

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Today, indie developer Fireline Games has announced the frantic four-player co-op spaceship recovery game Fueled Up, which is giving off major Overcooked in space vibes. Fueled Up is set to release sometime in 2022 on PC (Steam), Xbox One, and PS4. No Switch version, surprisingly.

Looking like Team17’s Overcooked in space, Fueled Up tasks you with fueling up, fixing, and rescuing damaged spaceships. No cooking here apart from cooking up ways to repair your ship. The game is playable with up to four players locally and online, offering up chaotic, friendship-ending co-op stages for you to clear alone or as part of a crew. It looks like things can get quite hectic in the announcement trailer below.

You’ll be working on assembly lines, feeding space aliens, and avoiding various hazards such as asteroid showers and wormholes all in an effort to restore your ship to its working order. In one stage, a giant space squid will cling to your spaceship in order to stop you. It looks quite intense at times.

According to the game’s Steam listing, we will be able to share our controllers with other players locally. That can only add to the chaotic nature of the game, surely?