Hilarious indie title Embr set for Spring Steam Early Access release

Frenetic, funny firefighting awaits.

Embr Steam Early Access Spring 2020 Release

Image via Embrgame.com

Embr will launch on Steam Early Access in Spring 2020, Curve Digital has revealed.

The game’s publisher announced that the frenetic, funny firefighting multiplayer title will be available to try soon. A new trailer, which gives a humorous hint at what players can expect from Embr, accompanied the reveal on April 2.

Embr tasks players with responding to emergencies set in a fictional world where freelancers have replaced firefighters. Embr‘s unique ‘unsimulator’ spin asks gamers to tackle fires, rescue civilians, and save the day in comedic circumstances.

Players can work together to earn tips from clients that they save, earn 5-star Uber-style ratings based on their performances, and earn cash to upgrade their equipment to become the ultimate have-a-go hero.

Embr Respondrs will work through varying missions in order to stake their claim as the top dog in Muse Games’ alternate-reality world. Hosr, a rival Canadian firefighting faction, will be hot on your heels though, so you’ll be expected to perform as admirably—and humorously—as possible in settings where water, gas, electricity, and structural integrity all play their part in proceedings.

Muse Games will continue to add new content to Embr once it enters early access. Players will also have the opportunity to provide bug reports and feedback when the online co-op title it arrives later this year.