Galarian Ponyta Will Be A Pokemon Shield Exclusive


The latest issue of Famitsu magazine has revealed that the Galarian Ponyta will be exclusive to Pokemon Shield. The article featured confirmation from The Pokemon Company that the Galarian Ponyta would be in the game, and that it would only be available in Pokemon Shield.

Galarian Ponyta will be the counter to Sirfetchd, the recently revealed exclusive for Pokemon Sword. A video has also appeared on The Official Pokemon Youtube Channel, giving us our first look at Galarian Ponyta in action.

From the description of the video, it seems that Galarian Ponyta can only be found in one location, “a certain forest in the Galar Region.” I am going to hazard that this is the Glimwood Tangle, the forest that was recently featured in a 24-hour live stream about the upcoming game. Galarian Ponyta will also be a Psychic-Type, but we don’t have any information on moves just yet.

Pokemon Sword and Shield will be launching on Nintendo Switch on November 15, but we hope to learn more about Galarian Ponyta before then. We will, of course, share any information we manage to get our hands-on.