Game Freak Applies for the Little Town Hero Trademark


Game Freak applied for a new trademark with the name Little Town Hero in Japan under both the Japanese name and the English name. It is likely connected to the Town project Game Freak announced back in September 2018.

Perhaps hearing the name Game Freak associated with anything other than Pokémon is a shock, but here we are. It seems the Pokémon publisher is branching out a little after more than 20 years with the title. The project was announced back in September 2018 during a Nintendo Direct. At the time, the game was referred to only as Town.

Now, as reported by My Nintendo News, the publisher applied for a trademark on the new name Little Town Hero. The entire application, all in Japanese, can be found here.

The upcoming game is planned to release sometime in 2019 for the Nintendo Switch. Unlike Pokémon, from which it’s bound to draw comparisons, the game takes place entirely in one town. Gameplay-wise, it has described as a turn-based RPG and players will be able to summon other townspeople to assist them in combat.