Gameplay of Rainbow Six: Parasite has been leaked from a technical test

Over an hour of never-before-seen footage.

Image via MP1st, Ubisoft

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Over an hour of gameplay from Rainbow Six: Parasite has been leaked, and it’s the first time we’ve seen anything from the upcoming project since its original announcement at E3 2019.

The footage initially leaked via Facebook Gaming, where a user live-streamed technical test gameplay, capturing over an hour of footage. As far as how long the footage will be posted online before it’s removed is anyone’s guess, considering this form of leak is the furthest thing away from an official gameplay release directly from Ubisoft themselves.

Originally titled Rainbow Six: Quarantine, the squad-based FPS had yet to be shown publicly until this recent exposure. The only previous details of the anticipated iteration are that it’s a squad-based survival FPS set in the Rainbow Six universe’s future. Ubisoft reportedly changed the game’s name from Rainbow Six: Quarantine to Rainbow Six: Parasite last month due to the ongoing pandemic — although the official name hasn’t been confirmed by Ubisoft at this time, stating that Parasite is only a placeholder.

The leaked gameplay in question features an in-game tutorial, where the leaker playing it picks between six Operators (characters), chooses a Loadout, and then plunges into the game. The map’s atmosphere gives off a creepy and eerie feel. After a short while, the player stumbles upon a shiny-blue alien-like enemy with long claws for arms, quickly eliminating it with an assault rifle. The alien-like foes are named Archaeans, and they’re the main form of enemies in the game.

Just like countless other anticipated video games, the upcoming Rainbow Six iteration is expected to release sometime this year, having been delayed due to the global pandemic. Additionally, a final release date — and an official name — has yet to be confirmed by Ubisoft.