Gamers are ridiculing the Olympics eSports Series after the inclusion of Just Dance and other oddballs

At least they’re e-trying?

Image via Ubisoft

The Olympic Games announced a new week of competitive sporting events in the Olympic Esports Series. While it is a little exciting to hear the oldest sporting event around is looking to get into gaming, let’s just say the reception is not likely to be what they were expecting after some cringe-worthy messaging and “interesting” game choices for its first event.

The Olympic Esports Series will take place from June 22 to 25 in Singapore. Starting yesterday, professional and amateur players from a select list of games are invited to participate in qualification rounds in their chosen game to reach the event in the summer. When thinking of the top esports you would like to see at an event like this, you probably were not expecting the following list of games:

  • (Chess)
  • Gran Turismo (Motorsport)
  • Just Dance (Dancing)
  • Tennis Clash (Tennis)
  • Tic Tac Bow (Archery)
  • Virtual Regatta (Sailing)
  • Virtual Taekwondo (Taekwondo)
  • WBSC: eBaseball: Power Pros (Baseball)
  • Zwift (Cycling)

When looking at the list of games for the Olympics Esports Series, they are definitely trying to represent various real-world sports, but the game selection is quite interesting. For example, we had to look up WBSC: Baseball: Power Pros, and found it was a Nintendo Switch game being sold for a dollar on the eShop. Not to say it’s a bad game because of that, but not necessarily a big headlining event you expect to see.

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Just Dance and Gran Turismo are games most people will have at least heard of, but not necessarily our first picks for Olympic competitions. Plus, seeing makes us wonder why don’t just bring their own chessboard to the event. There is also a distinct lack of notable fighting games for anyone not into Virtual Taekwondo.

Needless to say, the Olympics Esports Series looks to have already hit a bit of a snag in gathering an audience of esports enjoyers. For this event to succeed, the audience needs to be entertained by the games being played. We’re not sure if a mobile game called Tic Tac Bow will do that.