GameStop Database Leaks 12 Incoming Nintendo Switch Announcements

GameStop Database Leaks 12 Incoming Nintendo Switch Announcements

Twitter user YuYuKamii has discovered a total of 12 SKU for Nintendo Switch in GameStop’s internal database.

While this is not a confirmation of anything happening anytime soon, such discoveries in GameStop’s database usually leads to incoming announcements from Nintendo, and this is why the news is so vital for Switch owners.

The last time we heard about SKU from GameStop was just before September 2019’s Nintendo Direct, when the retailer added around 20 of them in anticipation of announcements coming from the Japanese platform owner. An SKU is a “stock keeping unit,” a placeholder for an unannounced product, but has a place reserved.

The listing is far from a confirmation, but it could be a hint of a Nintendo Direct releasing this January, a month where Nintendo has already hosted similar presentations in the past. It could provide updates on previously announced games (Tokyo Mirage Sessions FE Encore is in the list, same as Snack World: The Dungeon World Crawl – Gold), together with never heard before titles.

We could learn more about such Nintendo Direct in the next couple of weeks or even days, as we usually have information about those live streams well in advance.

The last Nintendo Direct was held in September 2019, when several games, like Overwatch: Legendary Edition, Deadly Premonition 2: A Blessing In Disguise, and Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition, were announced for Nintendo Switch.