GameStop Believes PS5 And Xbox Scarlett Will Be Announced In 2019


In a note to investors and analysts, GameStop has hinted at the possibility that PS5 and Xbox Scarlett get 2019 announcements.

That’s not the biggest surprise since Microsoft is going to reveal the first details about Scarlett at E3 in June.

Sony might take a bit longer until early 2020, but there’s still a chance something slips off PlayStation Experience in late December.

Both platforms are believed to be dropping around the end of 2020, in the usual launch window of late November.

“With respect to new hardware, as we get closer to the end of the current console cycle for Xbox and PlayStation, we expect demand to decline as some customers choose to wait on the sidelines in anticipation of acquiring the next generation of innovative consoles,” CFO Rob Lloyd said.

It’s worth noting that Lloyd only mentioned Sony and Microsoft in its report, which quite surprisingly leaves Nintendo out of the reasoning.

Anyway, rumors have pointed at the possible release of two new models for Nintendo Switch, one of which should be more powerful.