Gears of War 5 crosses over with Terminator Dark Fate | E3 2019


As part of pre-ordering the new Gears of War 5, players will get an extra bonus in the form of a tie in with Terminator Dark Fate.

Players will now be able to play as the Terminator model T-800 Endoskeleton in Gears, carrying out destruction in the new world that will be coming to Xbox and PC later this year.

It is unknown what the content will be exactly, but skins, outfits, and other little bonuses that tie into the history of Terminator and the movie franchise that players can use. There might even be exclusive missions based on the new movie, but it will mostly be focused on the new Escape Mode shown at the conference.

Gears Escape

In Escape, a team of three players will work to survive against hordes of enemies as they try to get out of whatever area they are trapped in. It looks like a mix between standard horde modes of Gears past and something out of Call of Duty and its zombie mode.

Gears of War 5 will be releasing on Xbox, Xbox Game Pass, and PC on Sept. 10, just under two months before Terminator Dark Fate releases in theatres on Nov. 1. This might be the first glimpse fans get into exactly what the new Terminator movie will cover.