Gears 5 Encountering Coop, VOIP, and Chat Issues


The issues for Gears 5‘s early access keep on coming. Previously, the Gears 5 and Xbox Live servers having problems late Thursday night, early Friday morning, and part of Saturday, until they smoothed out. Now, the developers, The Coalition, are sharing they’re aware of new issues regarding the game’s Co-Op features, along with VOIP and Text Chat.

For those who are attempting to get any Co-Op features happening online or on their console, you may be running into a problem where the game is not syncing or properly connecting when you initiate the main campaign. You could also have problems with attempting a Horde or an Escape mode with your friends.

The Coalition stated the issue from their official Twitter page, which you can read here.

The team is aware of this issue. Co-op is a core part of Gears of War, and having this error could dampen the enjoyment for a wide variety of players. Luckily, The Coalition have something already prepared and are looking to push it out here this afternoon.

Here’s The Coalition’s tweet about what they have planned, showing how quickly their turnaround time is going to be to, hopefully, resolve this issue.

A lot of these issues have cropped up during Gears 5’s early access weekend. Those who got into the early access had to pre-order the Ultimate Edition of the game or had to subscribe to the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate edition.

These issues are hopefully going to smooth out when the game officially launches on Sept. 10, for the Xbox One and the PC.