Gears 5 Box Art And Release Date Leak


We’ve been reporting about Gears 5 rumors for a while now, but Microsoft has never released official information about the status of the game since the reveal at E3 2018.

For what we know from official sources, it is still launching in 2019, and its multiplayer will be revealed in June shortly after the E3 kicks off.

It’s safe to state that the game will also get a focus at E3 2019, with more details on story and gameplay to be shared in the occasion of the Xbox media briefing.

Anyway, it looks like we have something else to look at before that time comes since the guys over at ResetEra have reportedly found a believable leak about the title.

First of all, we get an early look at what should be the cover art of the game, with the new protagonist Kait on the forefront and her right the first trilogy’s main character Marcus Fenix.

Gears 5 Box Art

The cover looks to point at the snowy location of the fifth chapter, which we have been given a sneak peek back at E3 2018; if it’s on the cover, perhaps it’s more important than we anticipated.

On top of that, the leak also features a release date, which is reported to have been fixed at September 10, 2019.

That’s rather fitting if you consider that Gears of War games and first-party shooter titles from Microsoft have always been launched around September and October.

Of course, we’ll share more information on this leak and other details as soon as they pop up on the Internet; remember that we’re just one month away from the official reveal.