Dave Bautista Joins Gears 5 on September 15


The hype for Gears 5 is revving up faster than the chainsaw at the end of a Lancer, but things have kicked into high gear. Not only are players going to get their chance to play the game later this week, but there’s a new playable multiplayer character coming to the franchise: Dave Bautista.

The announcement came from Bautista’s official Twitter account, which you can view below.

Many who have followed the Gears of War franchise are likely quite familiar with Bautista as he’s been at the front lines of the franchise’s movie. While production and development have been a nightmare, Bautista has been steadfast on the fact he should assume the role of Marcus Fenix, the main protagonist for the first three Gears of Wars games, and the main character in Gears of War 4 and Gears 5. However, there’s been a little movement or solid direction for the movie, with no announcement or news from Bautista about his role. Despite this, the development team behind the game wanted to give the actor his well-deserved statue in the franchise. Now, everyone who plays Gears 5 is going to have the opportunity to play as the big guy himself in Gears 5 multiplayer mode. To grab Bautista, you do not need to purchase a particular version of the game. Instead, you only need to log in from Sept. 15 to unlock him. However, the promotion only lasts for a limited time and ends on Oct. 28.

If you’re still interested in purchasing the game, you can pre-order it from one of the many options we have listed out on our pre-order guide. Gears 5 releases on Sept. 10 for the Xbox One and the PC. For those who grab the Ultimate version of the game, you can play a few days earlier on Sept.