Gears 5 Gameplay Changes Include Chainsaw, Aiming Reticle, Enemies’ Life Bar


Gears of War 5 will come with several gameplay changes in comparison with the original trilogy’s formula, which extended to Gears of War 4 but quite criticized as developer The Coalition was told not to have taken enough risks to shake it up a little bit.

Talking to Kotaku, studio head Rod Ferguson provided a few details about the incoming sequels about to change in that regards, with things that will come from the quality of life improvements to risks at a certain degree.

Slicing an enemy with a chainsaw now requires players to hold the right bumper (tapping is still reloading your weapon) so that you have your thumb available if you want to use the right analog stick and turn around to use the chainsaw again on another enemy, for example.

Also, the aiming reticle changes color depending on the actions you’re about to do or have done a few seconds earlier: it will be white for body shots, red for headshots, and gold when players have done a perfect reload.

Finally, health bars coming to enemies in the game. This change stands out as the most significant addition to the gameplay, though players can turn them off for those who don’t like it or want to play closer to the original experience.

Gears of War 5 releases on September 10, 2019, for Windows 10 PC and Xbox One.