Halo Reach Character Pack Coming to Gears 5 For Multiplayer Modes


Plenty is coming to Gears 5 this year, and the game launches in a few short weeks. Many would believe there’s little else to announce, except for an earlier release date. Unfortunately, the folks behind the game, The Coalition, have more to announce as they share the details of Halo Reach character pack coming with the game. The announcement happened during Gamecom 2019’s Inside Xbox portion of the show.

The character pack got hinted at before its initial reveal at Gamescom 2019 due to an Xbox advertisement showing off a Gears 5 logo alongside two members of the Halo Reach Noble members team. The two members, Kat-B320 and Emile-A239, are going to be available for players to play as in the new Gears 5 horde mode.

The characters are going to come with their featured ultimates. Emile is going to have the ability to summon a drop shield, and Kat can summon a hologram to confuse enemies about her position.

The Halo Reach character pack comes with a Noble Team character skin for Jack, a banner, spray, mark, and a unique weapon set for players to use in the horde mode. Their original actors are voicing both Halo Reach characters.

Both of the characters are going to be available for several of the Gears 5 multiplayer modes, not only the game’s horde mode.

Players can pick up this exclusive character pack by purchasing the Gears 5 Ultimate Edition or by having the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription. The game launches on Sept. 10. For those who grab either ultimate version, you’re going to get access to the game on Sept. 6, four days before the game releases.