The Coalition Release Balance and Performance Changes to Gears 5 Ranked Play


Gears 5 may have opened up with several technical and server issues, but the developers, The Coalition, have steadily resolved these connection issues. The latest update launched late this morning to improve the game’s multiplayer Ranked play matchmaking to better connect those with comparable gameplay skills and connection parameters.

The Coalition announced the server-side update earlier today on their official Twitter account, which you can refer to here.

Ever since the game experienced issues when it initially launched into early access, the developers have been hard at work, ensuring players had an enjoyable experience. While they weren’t able to correct all of the issues before the weekend wrapped up, they patched up a majority of the problems, and errors players were experiencing. Everyone who took part in the early access received five more days of a boost to their profile and 600 components to use to build multiplayer cards.

For those who have the game, you’re going to have your choice to engage with your friends in the game’s cooperative Horde and Escape mode. The Escape is a brand new game mode to the Gears of War franchise where three players are thrown into a Swarm nest and have to escape before the toxic boom they unleashed reaches them.

If you’re looking to get invested in the game’s Ranked mode, you need to jump into Versus. There are four different competitive game modes to play in, each with their own ranking. If you’re not the best at team deathmatch, you might find yourself enjoying King of the Hill, Guardian, or Escalation. Each of them have unique rulesets, varying up how you play against other Gears of War players online.

Gears 5 is out right now for the Xbox One and the PC.