Here’s What You Need to Know About Gears 5’s Operation 2: Free For All Expac


Next week will be a busy one for Gears 5 fans, as The Coalition has a huge update that will keep them busy well into 2020.

Detailed today on the official game page, Operation 2: Free For All is set to arrive Dec. 11. The trailer below provides a detailed look at what to expect, but there’s a lot to unpack here.

The big standout is the return of Free For All. This 14-player mode is the biggest Versus mode in the history of the franchise, with players going all out to see who can rack up 30 kills first. Forget teams; this is a matter of survival.

Upon launch, Free For All will only be available as a featured playlist. However, the developer makes it clear that it will have a Ranked mode sometime in early January,

Next up is Arcade Blitz. This fast-paced objective mode will have you capturing points as quickly as you can. It’ll be available in Custom Lobbies and the Arcade Quickplay playlist upon launch, right next to Arcade Deathmatch.

2v2 Gnashers will also make its return, with players going up against each other in duo squads, using those devastating Gnashers to their best ability.

In addition, the update will also bring new characters the fray. These include Heroes like Lizzie Carmine, a bad-ass who’s ready for a fight; and Damon Baird, who can hold his own (as he’s done in the past); and Villains including Jermad and the Locust Drone.

Finally, the new maps look like real standouts. Allfathers Arena looks like just the place to score some key victories, and Lift is making its return, complete with new lighting and improved texture quality.

The update will also bring some “tour of duty” improvements, all detailed on the Gears 5 page.

Operation 2: Free For All will go for $19.99, with the Heroes and Villains characters available through play or via purchase through the in-game store for 500 Iron each. Check out the trailer below, and prepare to go free-for-all next week.