Gears 5 Review Embargo Lifts On September 4


As we get closer and closer to the release date of the game, we have the first information about when we’ll get to check the initial reviews for Gears 5, the incoming title of the Gears of War franchise by The Coalition for PC and Xbox One.

The reviews will be available starting from September 4, 2019 at 6:00 am PT (3:00 pm CET), which is roughly two days before the launch of the Ultimate Edition, that is granting an early access to the title, and six days before the regular edition you can play from September 10.

While we can’t tell very much about the game at this point, we do know that it is much bigger in terms of campaign, with semi-open world levels and side quests you can navigate across thanks to the skiff, a vehicle that allows you to travel across the map similarly to God of War 2018’s boat.

On top of that, this will also be a particular launch for the series, as for the first time since its inception it’ll be available since day one on both Microsoft Store and Steam, with full cross-play between the two PC platforms and Xbox One.

So again, we don’t know what the reception for Gears 5 will be like, but we, sure enough, can tell that The Coalition and ultimately Microsoft are doing all they can to let it be a success. They are removing obstacles it had put on this franchise’s way in the past and investing a lot, whether it’s single-player as said or multiplayer, with an additional co-op mode in Escape.

Are you investing in its launch, too? Let us hear your opinion on the game in the comments below.