Gears 5 Rumor Hints At More Colorful, Varied Game, Bigger Areas And Customization


Gears 5 has been rather sparse when it comes to information revealed to the public since last year E3’s announcement.

Anyway, as soon as we approach the release date, which is still planned for 2019, we get more information thanks to the usual leaks.

Even though we can’t verify them, those are rather interesting since they hint at something entirely new coming to the franchise.

As shared by insider Klobrille, the game will feature “biggest Gears areas ever (20x larger),” and this is something we’ve already kind of heard in the recent past.

Also, the game is said to be the “most colorful, most diverse Gears yet,” and to feature a new mode called “Horde: Escape.”

It’ll feature “brutality” as its “signature,” will be packed with “varied multiplayer” and “deeper customization.”

“More” is reported to be revealed at E3 2019 this June when we should be only a few months away from the release date.