Gears 5 Server Status


At this time, Gears 5 servers are experiencing a bit of an issue for a lot of the early access players across the Xbox One and PC platforms.

Some players are experiencing problems when attempting to play the game with their friends in the campaign and across the multiplayer format. The issue is likely stemming from the fact the Gears 5 staggered rollout may not have adequately functioned as the developers initially intended. For some of the pacific coast, they had access to the game at 6 pm during their local time. However, they should have only been able to play when it was 9 pm, as it was for everyone else.

While they have may have had access to earlier, the overall servers are undergoing a bit of issue in attempting to keep connections online. Only a handful of players can get into matches, though they may not last forever.

For players who have access to Gears 5 right now through the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate option, they didn’t get their higher tier pre-order options. The Coalition team noted this issue in a recent tweet as they regarded the problems as quickly as possible, which you can read below.

While the servers are undergoing these issues, the developers at The Coalition are kicking it into overtime in an attempt to get things working. Hopefully, players can enjoy the campaign of Gears 5 for the first part of their access and then have a smoother weekend.

Gears 5 officially releases on Sept. 10, but those who pre-ordered the Ultimate Edition or have a subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, have access to it right now.