Gears 5 Servers are down, again


For the second time following Gears 5’s early access weekend, the servers are down, and players cannot access the content.

This issue happened roughly 24 hours ago when Gears 5 first launched on the Xbox One and PC across the globe. Previously, players had access to the game at some point, but not, they have none as many of them cannot log in to the game at all.

The developers, The Coalition team, had spoken about how they had fixed the issue earlier today, Friday morning on Sept. 6. However, it does not seem the case as the servers have taken a turn for the worse. Not only can players not access the multiplayer format or the single-player platform, but many of them cannot log on to the game at all.

The issue is not entirely The Coalition’s fault. They were confident about the changes to the servers, but it seems some problems occurred on the Xbox Live server-side, following this tweet from the official Xbox Support chat Twitter page.

The issues are likely going to continue until a solution gets found. For right now, players are going to have sit on standby until the servers level out and they have the chance to jump back in, making for a rough early access weekend. The Coalition may have something in mind to smooth out the stormy weekend, but it may not be enough for those who wanted to play early.

Gears 5 officially releases on the Xbox One and PC on Sept. 10.