Gears 5 Official Versus Tech Test Launches on July 19 with Arcade Trailer Announcement


Those looking forward to Gears 5 have their chance to jump into the game well before it launches later this year on Sept. 10 by taking part in the official tech test. The game’s technical test takes place on July 19.

There’s a trailer showing off the game mode players are going to try out during the technical test, called Arcade. The Arcade features a variety of iconic characters that have shown up throughout the franchise’s history, each with their playstyle.

In the Arcade Team Deathmatch Mode, players join a team of five and face off against an opposing side of five attempting to reach 50 kills before their adversaries can. Unlike previous games, players need to think about what character they choose to play.

Each character comes with a unique passive, bounty, loadout, and series of weapon upgrades they’re going to unlock as they acquire kills during the match. There are five heroes on each side to pick out. On the human’s side, there is Kait, JD, Del, Marcus, and Fahz. On the Swarm side, there’s the Swarm Hunter, Swarm Drone, Scion, Swarm Grenadier, and Swarm Sniper. You can read off their more detailed move sets on the official Gears 5 arcade page, where they break down each character.

How do you take part in the versus tech test? There are two ways to take part in it. The first is to pre-order Gears 5 either the physical or digital copy; both options will grant players access to the test. The alternative is to subscribe to the Xbox Game Pass or the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate version. You can learn more details about gaining access to it from this page.

Players can also try out the Escalation and King of the Hill game modes while taking part in the versus tech test. The former is the pinnacle objective mode featured in previous Gears games, and the latter is all about the multiplayer carnage.

Reserve your chance to jump in now.