Gears Of War Movie Not Canon, Set In Alternative Reality


As we know, Gears of War is one of those big video game franchises getting a movie adaption. The move is still a long way out before we can see it getting released, unlike the Uncharted movie that’s releasing in 2020 after a considerable wait. But we have now more specific ideas about the plot line of the Gears of Wars movie.

Talking to IGN, studio head at The Coalition, Rod Fergusson has confirmed that the movie won’t be canon, as it’s going to happen in an alternative reality. D0espite carrying the location of Sera and some of the main characters, this choice was to grant creative freedom to the director and scriptwriters.

“For the movie to be successful, it has to be a great movie first and a Gears movie second,” Fergusson said. “Basically the way that we sort of reconciled that was, we said, ‘oh the movie should be an alternate reality. It should not be dependent on the game story, nor should it influence the game story.’”

“I’ve heard of other franchises who come with this really large story Bible, and this really sort of, here are all the rules now go and deal with 700 pages of how you live in our world. When we did it, we were two pages. I was like, ‘Here’s two pages of thou shall nots and recommendations.’ We want people to have the freedom to have new ideas and to take things differently.”

There have been talks about the movie since 2016 at Universal, with F. Scott Frazier (xXx: Return of Xander Cage) reportedly writing the script. We don’t have information about the cast, but Dave Bautista has shown interest in assuming the role of Marcus Fenix.

It’s worth saying that one of the very few successful movies based on a video game, Resident Evil, has nothing to do with the video game series from Capcom. So perhaps Fergusson is right and doing so can help the movie to become a success in the end.