Gears Tactics Is Still In Development, Despite Not Being At E3 2019


Last year at E3, The Coalition revealed three brand new games in the making at the studio: Gears 5, Gears Pop!, and Gears Tactics. While Gears 5 and Pop! have been at this year’s Xbox media briefing, and are both releasing in 2019, Gears Tactics – perhaps the most appealing of the three – has skipped the event.

In an interview with Kotaku, studio head Rod Fergusson has made it clear that this doesn’t mean anything for what matters how the development process on the game is going, and that it has not been cancelled or any other weird thing Microsoft used to do in the past.

“Last year we wanted to really talk about all three games and show that Microsoft is tripling down on the Gears of War franchise, but now that we’ve had that we’re really trying to make sure it’s not always this three-pack… We’ll talk about Gears Tactics later,” said Fergusson.

From the looks of it, The Coalition is just focusing on marketing and shipping Gears 5 when it comes to bigger games in the franchise. Pop! looks cool but sure enough, it’s not going to take any attention from the core title away, so it’s fine to have it out in 2019, too.

With Gears Tactics being so interesting and perhaps even more appealing than the main entry for PC gamers, there’s a chance both the team and Microsoft are holding it back for a second moment, with a release we could guess it’s coming in 2020 or so.

At the time being it is only being made for PC Windows 10, but here’s hoping that when it returns it also get announced for consoles, since similar titles like XCOM 2 have been there for a while, too.