Genshin Impact developer HoYoverse teases new game Zenless Zone Zero ahead of Friday reveal

Get in the robot, Ganyu.

hoyoverse reveal Zenless Zone Zero

Image by HoYoverse

Powered by the monumental success of Genshin Impact, developer HoYoverse has been hard at work on their next title and is almost ready to pull back the curtain. Very little is known about the upcoming game Zenless Zone Zero, as HoYoverse has only been drip-feeding little teasers through an interactive countdown site built for the game.

While HoYoverse has been stingy with the details, over at the Zenless Zone Zero subreddit the game’s future community has been working overtime to theory-craft and extrapolate as much information as they can. One of the more intriguing discoveries is a potential connection with Neon Genesis Evangelion in Zenless Zone Zero’s lore — or more likely, its marketing. Multiple background images and snippets of sound suggest that in the game’s version of the future, humanity has to routinely fight off a powerful invading entity. At the core of the resistance is New Eridu, which is either a secret organization with religious overtones (reminiscent of Evangelion’s SEELE) or an underground city. The entity itself is known as the Hollows, and may have been the result of New Eridu’s own irresponsible tampering with nature’s laws.

Other details found in the teasers hint at ZZZ taking place in a post-apocalyptic setting. For what it’s worth, the poster seen behind the TV on the countdown site is for a future installment of the Fast & Furious movies. We shudder to think what this means for the game.

While it’s fair to expect Zenless Zone Zero to be a mobile gacha title with a cast of cute characters, we don’t know for sure what exactly HoYoverse is cooking up for this alliteration-heavy title. Expect more concrete information on the game when it is officially revealed on Friday, May 13. In the meantime, you can rest assured that HoYoverse is still hard at work on Genshin Impact, with more content and a Nintendo Switch port on the horizon.