Geoff Keighley Shares Possible Shadows Die Twice Teaser, Hints at Kuon

Geoff Keighley has shared a new tweet during the last few hours that is seemingly hinting at what Shadows Die Twice, the latest teaser by From Software, could possibly be about.

Just a quick summary in case you missed the original announcement. Back in December, at The Game Awards 2017, From Software published a teaser that ended with the tagline “Shadows Die Twice” for a new project.

Geoff Shares New Shadows Die Twice Teaser

Since then, the studio has been totally silent about what it’s working on, even though it was quite a given that the game would be making a proper comeback and full reveal at E3 2018.

Interestingly, as said, Keighley has shared a new teaser on Twitter which is, according to the fans, revealing what the game is about. Again, all the clues seem to hint at the game being a spiritual successor to Kuon, as Dark Souls was a spiritual successor to King’s Field.

In the gif he shared on Twitter, a woman can be seen in black and white, with a shadow teasing her from behind. The quick video has the FX logo on the right, so it doesn’t seem to be a teaser or a trailer of a video game.

Kuon was a PSone survival horror, that – similarly to King’s Field “becoming” Dark Souls – could be used as a background to develop a new title with a shared universe.

Is this really it? With the E3 2018 just around the corner, we’re probably a few days from discovering it…