Get a Santa 47 Suit and “Holiday Hoarders” Mission in Hitman 2

The Hitman 2 “Holiday Hoarders” seasonal event, a holiday-themed mission that pits Agent 47 against two dastardly thieves, Harry “Smoky” Bagnato, and Marv “Slick” Gonif, who have infiltrated a Paris fashion show and are stealing presents, is now available.

The Holiday Hoarders time-limited mission is available from December 18 through January 8 within the Paris location. This location is part of the Hitman Legacy Pack, but even Hitman 2 owners who do not already have the Hitman Legacy Pack can download and enjoy the full Holiday Hoarders content, including the complete enhanced Paris location, for free throughout this special event.

Downloading the “Holiday Hoarders” mission grants access to new festive items and a “Secret Santa” Challenge Pack that allows players to permanently unlock the fan-favorite “Santa 47” suit for use in all Hitman 2 locations. It’s now up to Agent 47 to stop the menacing hoarders and save the holiday before it’s too late.

Alongside the holiday event content, IO Interactive has also released the 2.12 game update for Hitman 2 which brings many fixes along with it.

We’ve made hundreds of improvements, fixes and tweaks to the entire game across all disciplines. These improvements will greatly improve the experience of playing HITMAN 2.

You can find a complete list of changes in the 2.12 game update here, and it is available for free now.